Efficienza ed efficacia sono due aspetti fondamentali di ogni progetto ed in questo talk vedremo come migliorare il secondo tramite una migliore qualità del software. Typescript/Angular tips, il lato oscuro del linting, metriche software, diversi tipi di testing ed altro per farvi odiare dai vostri colleghi in pochi semplici passi!


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Comprehensive overview of all meanings of Quality and instruments to improve each of them

Partito un po’ a rilento ma poi tante info e spunti interessanti

Antonio Rossi at 17:32 on 15 Jun 2018

Good presentation. It was a nice overview. Maybe a little bit too long and a little bit too generalistic. But overall it was useful.

Very nice tips about producing great code, especially in Angular but not restricted to.
Keep it up, Jiayi!

Luca Maroni at 13:22 on 16 Jun 2018

Lots of tools and libs to help keep the quality of the project high. Will try adding some of them in the next projects!

Ottimi suggerimenti

Very useful hints!