When it comes to writing code, there’s nothing we take more serious than authentication and security. Modern single page applications bring along new challenges. By using solutions like the OpenID Connect protocol and JSON Web Tokens we can improve the user experience when authenticating with your apps, providing a seamless authentication process. In this talk I will try to explain in depth, the way JSON Web Tokens work and can be used to secure your single page apps. I will explain the difference between using opaque tokens and JWTs. The talks will also give an overview of a modern authentication flow and a step by step breakdown of how it works exactly.


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Did not know about this technology, very interesting!

Very well explained

Although I didn't know this technology, I found the talk very clear and useful!

federico at 20:09 on 14 Jun 2019

Very interesting, he gives me a full overview with the core concepts , everything was very clear .

Sam Bellen (Speaker) at 17:27 on 17 Jun 2019

The slides can be found at https://jwt.sambego.tech

Davide Pizzoli at 16:49 on 5 Jul 2019

Very good explanation, great talk