State management can get really complex for scaled Angular applications. And, NgRx can be an answer for the complexity of this problem. This talk will cover some of the best practices of building an NgRx Angular app. We'll go through building a good action hygiene, efficiently using schematics, improving your apps performance with one-way data binding and memoized selectors, reducing the boilerplate with entities/schematics and introducing ngrx-data. After this session, you'll have more control on the NgRx platform with the grasp of entities, memoized selectors, effects and schematics.


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├ľnder Ceylan (Speaker) at 17:20 on 14 Jun 2019

Just attached my slides to the talk. I'm open to any kind of feedback, please share what you think. And if you have questions, you can always DM via @onderceylan on Twitter. Thanks for joining!

Interesting overview of ngrx

Great infos about ngrx and some other libraries

Could have used a bit more of an explanation at the start for those that don't know what NgRx or Redux are

Davide Pizzoli at 16:54 on 5 Jul 2019

great infos, a good talk