Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) enhance web applications and make them ready for the future. One of the most important features of PWAs is their offline capability, as it avoids connectivity issues and drastically improves the user experience. In this session we dive into the world of PWAs, looking at different caching strategies and modern tools to easily build progressive web apps. We will see a real world demo using the Angular framework and Cloud Firestore Database. Firestore is a cloud database solution that enables the offline capability that we are looking for.


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Interesting overview of PWA in Angular

The talk was well presented and was easy to follow, but in my opinion the speaker could have skipped a lot of basic stuff and could have shown more code and real world examples.

Best perfomance, i can not wait slides from presentation

Great talk

Davide Pizzoli at 16:50 on 5 Jul 2019

Great talk