Providing access to everyone is also part of our job, we create content and put it out there so it makes sense that everyone can use it right? Sadly this is not the case, the web is filled with unaccessible sites and we need to do something about it. Accessibility should not be disregarded or forgotten, it should be taken in account on every step of the way!


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Alessio Marzo at 11:24 on 3 Dec 2020

Nice talk, really useful.

Davide Pizzoli at 11:26 on 3 Dec 2020

A great introduction to a huge topic, she touched a lot of points

Great input that is often forgotten...

Marco Gobbi at 12:03 on 3 Dec 2020

Nice talk, with a lot of hints to study. Thanks!

Armi Al at 18:43 on 3 Dec 2020

very nice