There is no need to advocate for progressive web apps anymore. The idea of connection-independent applications has proven its viability and we see more and more large and small projects following that path, making the offline-ready behavior a best practice, good manner of the web. In my session, based on the deep exploration of Service Worker API possibilities and gathered UX gotchas, we go through the history of the offline web, the importance of treating the network as an enhancement, current challenges (and their solutions) and proper tooling. We architect our offline-ready Angular app applying the best tech and UX practices adding the features one-by-one: app shell, caching resources and data, sync when online. All in name of our users who demand the new level of the resilient web experience.


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Bit too deep for time of the talk

Armi Al at 18:42 on 3 Dec 2020

super cool

Davide Pizzoli at 18:46 on 3 Dec 2020

Very interesting