The implementation of micro frontends has so far been anything but easy. Since common frameworks and build tools didn't even know this idea, you had to dig into the tricks bag.
Module Federation offered by Webpack 5 initiates a crucial change of direction here. It allows you to load separately compiled applications at runtime and to share libraries between them.
In this session, you learn how to use this mechanism to create micro frontends with Angular. Besides the default scenarios, we also look into dynamic Module Federation, sharing libraries, and dealing with version mismatches.
At the end of the session, you know how to use Module Federation in your projects and what the consequences are.


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Davide Pizzoli at 10:48 on 3 Dec 2020

Finally a very interesting approach to microfrontends, thank you Manfred!

A lot of new nice things.

Alessio Marzo at 10:54 on 3 Dec 2020

Really really interesting!

Very cool feature!

Marco Gobbi at 11:58 on 3 Dec 2020

Very interesting and clear explanation: great speaker!

Mattia Favaron at 14:51 on 3 Dec 2020

Awesome topic! Very well explained!

Luca at 17:54 on 3 Dec 2020

Love micro front ends!

Armi Al at 18:40 on 3 Dec 2020

very interesting