Data modeling is the process of figuring out how data should be represented and stored in your software system. Effective data models must balance between application needs, database performance characteristics and the structure of the data itself. But why would you care about data modeling if you’re an Angular developer? Well, understanding how data flows through your application, will help you consume your backend API in a more efficient way. In this talk, we’ll go through the basics of data modeling - from identifying relationships and cardinalities, to handling staleness and duplication. We’ll be discussing the data modeling methodology in the context of MongoDB, a NoSQL document database.


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Good talk about noSQL method and peculiarities

Good introductory talk about NoSQL, but would have been better with some focus on Angular.

Andrea Gallo at 11:04 on 12 Nov 2021

Good speech about NoSQL, but by no way linked with Angular. Sounds weird that it has been one of the firsts speech, totally unrelated.
Interesting, but unrelated.

Good speech but not much related to Angular

Great talk & introduction to some another kind of nut. But I missed relation with Angular

Lots of information condensed into a clear talk.

Marco Gobbi at 12:53 on 12 Nov 2021

Good speech: clear and interesting.

Usefull insight but not much related to Angular