Connect with the Italian and International Angular Community

Friday 7th October 2022

What's new in Angular
Talk by Simona Cotin (40 minutes)

In this talk we’ll explore new features in Angular and how the improved developer experience is lowering the friction for building great experiences on the web.

10:25 How to scale up your angular projects like a pro
Talk by Luca Del Puppo (40 minutes)

Are your teams or your projects growing up? Is your build slower every day and your team tired? Your projects are not well structured or do you need to split better your code? Using NX all of these problems can be resolved. In this talk, I'll show you how you can improve the developer experience of your team by introducing NX.

It’s Alive! Dynamic Components in Angular
Talk by Shmuela Jacobs (40 minutes)

The main use-case for using Dynamic Components is when we can decide only in run-time which component is loaded. They’re also the only solution when we want to embed Angular components in non-Angular ones. In many cases, replacing in-template components with dynamic ones is beneficial to performance and code quality. In this talk we’ll learn how to create and use Dynamic Components, and discuss several types of usages.

12:15 Architecting large scale Angular apps with Module Federation
Talk by Juri Strumpflohner (40 minutes)

Angular has found wide adoption in the enterprise space. Big companies love Angular because it comes with conventions and excellent tooling. There needs to be some proper architectural foundation, which becomes even more evident as your application grows and you have more team members working on it. Spaghetti code and interdependencies among app features, as well as build and serve times going from seconds to minutes, are common symptoms of large-scale Angular apps which significantly impact the team's productivity and morale. This talk will outline an architectural approach to solve such issues, at horizontal vs. vertical slicing of Angular apps and how Webpack's Module Federation can help.

14:40 Testing Angular apps with Cypress in CI
Talk by Edoardo Dusi (40 minutes)

The Test Pyramid should be a well-known metaphor of grouping tests in buckets, with unit tests at the base and E2E at the top. But this concept has led over the years to invest heavily in the former and often ignore the latter, while a good end-to-end test suite is what saves the day in difficult times. In this talk I'll explain what Cypress is, how to best integrate it with Angular, and how to configure it in a CI/CD pipeline on GitHub.

GraphQL in Angular
Talk by Stanimira Vlaeva (40 minutes)

Let's learn GraphQL the practical way! In this talk, we'll cover the basics of GraphQL and then, we'll use it to build a fully-fledged web application. For accessing our data, we'll utilize the MongoDB Realm GraphQL API. For the front-end, we'll use Angular and Apollo Client. Through the talk, we'll answer some of the most common questions about GraphQL, such as: How is GraphQL different from REST? What are the performance benefits of using GraphQL? Is GraphQL free and open source?

Love Story - Testing angular components with Storybook and Playwright
Talk by Tally Barak (40 minutes)

Components work in browsers, not in a mock of the browser. Therefore, they are best tested with real browsers. This is even more true when using a design system that is built on web components. In this talk I will show how we combined two tools - Storybook and Playwright to test our components with different setups, viewports, data and more to get fast and reliable system.

17:10 Service Workers: understand and use 👨‍🔬
Talk by Stepan Suvorov (40 minutes)

Thought understanding how ServiceWorkers work in Angular is hard? Sometimes it is. Especially if you started working with ServiceWorkers only within Angular. In my presentation we will try to quickly go through all the journey, starting with pure JavaScript ServiceWorkers and only then move to all Angular wrapper features. Hope you will be able to apply some advises about PWAs to your projects right after the talk.