Unlike other frameworks, Angular creates an element for every component.
This can clutter your DOM with wrappers and third-party components.
Learn how to extend your host element capabilities with classes instead of inputs, @HostListeners instead of wrappers, Directive Composition API instead of nested components, and more!


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Great advice about how to actually manage the host element!

Very useful tips and requests for future API

Great and nicely explained insights, and he didn't forget about CSS!

Really great talk! Thank you

Really really interesting and well explained! Good job!

Antoine Aubry at 10:55 on 28 Nov 2023

Excellent explanation of an important concept. Most people don't realise they can control the host element.

Enrico Trinco at 15:19 on 29 Nov 2023

The best talk of the day, very well explained and presented.