Curious about your Angular knowledge? Ready to take on a friendly challenge?
In this lively and engaging session, we invite you to participate in an interactive quiz centered around the Angular ecosystem.
Whether you're new to Angular or a seasoned pro, this quiz is designed to spark curiosity and deepen understanding, all in a collaborative and fun environment.
Engage with the speaker, answer questions, and learn more about the subject through technical insights and explanations.


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Sulla fiducia, Fabio is Fabio

Complete and fast overview of less known new functionalities.

Too bad for the backend! But the talk came out great anyway. Don't be too harsh with Matteo! 😂

Eunita at 15:21 on 24 Nov 2023

I'm mad with my mom cause she didn't call me Claudio!

I was there, when server failed fist time at reactjs day :D
Anyway, great talk as usual Fabio!

Rally nice introduction to v17 changes and really fluid speech!

Rafael Mestre at 22:41 on 24 Nov 2023

Even though there were some hiccups, the content and delivery were perfect

Antoine Aubry at 10:53 on 28 Nov 2023

Interesting content. I learned many details about this technology.

Enrico Trinco at 15:12 on 29 Nov 2023

Unlucky for the quiz game (it was a good idea and the sessions after the talks was a good demonstration of it) and nice plan B even if some topics had been covered.