Have you ever had to manage multiple repositories for your interdependent npm packages?
If so, I bet you've struggled with it at some point. And quite some for that matter.
You might think that migrating to a monorepo is the obvious solution, and most of the time you'll be right. But what is the cost? In this session, we'll talk about the pros and cons of each approach and how to navigate the challenges that come with them.
Get an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes as I unveil my personal journey in developing one of the most Angular extensive web components libraries!


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Very important informations, stidies, pro and cons about use case of Kendo about monorepo experience

It was really nice to hear about a real life scenario and all of the caveats involved.

Interesting multirepo to monorepo migration experience, the voice was too relaxing to be the last in the event 😬🙃

Rafael Mestre at 22:45 on 24 Nov 2023

Real world example of how monorepos improve our DX, plus some of the best slides I’ve ever seen!

Enrico Trinco at 15:22 on 29 Nov 2023

Good real word example of application of Nx. It would have been better after the nx talk but it isn't his fault.