NGRX is a fantastic framework that allows us to make Angular applications with a clear state management, but many developers are afraid to use it because it looks complex and overkill.
In this talk i want to show you how it works and a bunch of examples and tip and tricks to allow you a better use of NGRX, especially for the effects (the nightmare of all developers that use NGRX!)


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Useful insight of the basics of ngrx plus some advanced usage. Unfortunately a bit confusing in the presentation.

Good presentation on how ngrx works, thank you very much.

Good introduction to NgRx basics with some useful tips for newbs!

NgRx is best library in Angular ecosystem, use it!

Nice presentation

Antoine Aubry at 10:54 on 28 Nov 2023

Interesting content, but some parts could be clearer.

Enrico Trinco at 15:18 on 29 Nov 2023

I give 4/5 for useful information, I don't find NgRx easy and I suppose this type of presentation requires more preparation in terms of presentation and coding to make it more enjoyable for the audience.