Reviewing code can feel like a secondary task. Discussing code can be easy though, if you leave out syntax details. Following a couple of guidelines for pull requests can make code reviewing much easier.

Some code style rules can drastically reduce the mental overhead needed to understand code changes. Furthermore this talk will give some general guidelines on how to give feedback on PRs as a peer developer or coworker. These rules are not to keep for yourself: share them with your peers and your life will get easier.


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Toon Verwerft at 21:17 on 26 Apr 2017

Thanks for the tips on code reviews! It gave me some new insights on how to comment on code.
By the way: googling "shitburger" for images wasn't a tasty idea :)

Bram Pieters at 07:46 on 27 Apr 2017

Thanks for the interesting talk and the talk after that :)
I only saw the reviewer bit, (was a little to late, sorry) and I always like to see some real world examples, for example, past experiences.
Maybe you can add some examples to your talk which show how important code reviews are ?
Things that got discovered before being deployed.
Hope to see you soon on the next meetup or so!

PS: Is this a "tasty" format ? ;)

Very polished and well-brought talk, with several useful tips for submitters and reviewers alike. The reviewers part was particularly interesting to me, especially the great tips about the "crocodile" mentality and s*** sandwich: great stuff!

I think some of the examples needed a little tuning, but that's it.

It's always a pleasure to have Hannes speak at our meetup!

[Sandwich feedback™] ^^

Very interesting topic that we don't see a lot around, nice choice on that!
I really liked the structure of the talk and looking at it from 2 sides (Submitter and Reviewer).
Loved the little intermezzo.

I would agree with the examples, would love to see some real life examples :)

Overal great talk!