Can't Miss Features of PHP 5.3 and 5.4


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Anonymous at 19:19 on 15 Sep 2011

Great job! A bit superfast, but Jeff was open to questions and still kept the pace even with our numerous interruptions.-

Well prepared slides, good examples, great code, fast pace. More practical than I expected for bleeding edge technology. Great facilitation with sparse humor!

Anonymous at 23:34 on 18 Sep 2011

Jeff did an excellent job. Topics were all on point, presented in the most reasonable order, and explained very well between the talk itself and the many questions that were answered both during and after. The examples were well chosen and helped clear up some of the more abstract ideas. Some of the points seemed a bit rushed/glossed over, but over all this didn't take away from the talk as a whole.

Anonymous at 12:58 on 22 Sep 2011

I found Jeff's presentation full of information, all explained very well. The examples were great. The work he did to run a couple of examples of code in 5.4 (beta) was a fantastic idea! Such working illustrations put the whole talk (and discussion) into the "well worth it" category. Thanks Jeff!