Freeing Your Fakes: Decoupling Fake Objects From Tests


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I think Brian had a good topic here. Very useful information to see the build up from the problem to how the Builder pattern can help solve the coupling of your tests to a specific mocking framework or fake implementation.

I would suggest removing the section about the different types of test doubles or to expand it to fit into the topic of the talk, how the builder pattern can help with each type. As is it just seemed like a passing bit of information that didn't support or enhance the main message.

Another thing is timing. Given the distractions of the projector and the food delivery I think you did a great job handling the interruptions, but a lot of your talking points seemed rushed. Work on your delivery and the problem of coming up short on time will resolve itself. It might be helpful to split some of the examples out into build-able sections to help with a natural timing aid.

Keep presenting!

Anonymous at 09:11 on 24 Feb 2014

I liked the topic, and Brian definitely knows the materials, but I echo Jeff's comments about tighter organization beforehand.

That said, I particularly liked Brian's side-by-side comparison between PHP and Java methods and concepts with code examples.

On the code samples: because the code was well-formatted the font size was so small as to be unreadable. I would suggest publishing the code examples beforehand so the audience could have it to refer to during the talk.

Good job Brian! [ Charlie L posting 'anonymously' ]