Servant? I’d rather be a host: it’s a much more interesting way of being a leader!


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Anonymous at 16:34 on 13 Oct 2014

Interessante. Avrei però preferito un talk al workshop per avere un flusso maggiore di hint

Pierluigi's workshops are very inspiring, from different point of views, starting from the theory, which is well presented through the exercises, and finishing to his way to present and interact, which is a practical example of what is explained. And, of course, it was very funny!

Veramente ottimo, molto interessante

Pierluigi è una garanzia, porta sempre spunti lluminanti

Interesting topic with a very well fitting metaphor.

Unfortunately I failed to grasp how to use that metaphor to improve "how the things work" in my organization, I mean: now i can find a proper definition for each kind of stage and position of each person in the organization, thus analyzing their social role and behavior. After put them in boxes, how can I leverage to same metaphor to improve things? Am I suppose to tell people to stop being on stage and works from the kitchen or something like that?. (I know, it depends...)

Works well but it deserve a bit more exploration

Ad un certo punto, purtroppo è finito.
Al solito: inspiring