10 years in: should I refactor?


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This talk was given in a very relaxed and engaging way, so at no point did it feel like you were being lectured at that your code stinks and you must refactor. Instead, it was very much a talk from the trenches; something learned from years of working on a particular site, taking it from really humble beginnings to something that is actually very complex and uses a lot of different technologies. Rich was able to take you along that ride very well, giving genuine advice based on what he went through in refactoring.

It also had a cat gif. Without that the internet may have broken.

Ellen Cubbin at 21:19 on 18 Nov 2015

Very enjoyable and easy to follow talk, which made the important distinction between refactoring and a rewrite. Some good points on how decide if/when it's worth it. And the cat gif :)