Vagrant and Ansible


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Michael gave a good introduction to Vagrant and Ansible, focusing more on Ansible as it seemed to really be the driving force behind doing anything practical. He gave a live demonstration of setting up, configuring and tearing down a vagrant instance, and even though his laptop didn't initially want to play ball he never missed a beat. Every question asked by the group was answered - and there were a lot of good questions.

All in all it was a demo-led talk which is always great to see, Michael was very knowledgeable on the topic, people seemed engaged, and I left with the feeling that I could go and easily set up vagrant and ansible and get environments up and running even though I have never used either before.

It was a nice, gentle intro to both Vagrant and Ansible - just what I was looking for. Vagrant I knew, but Ansible not so much.

You handled the barrage of, at times, rapid fire questions with aplomb whilst still continuing the live demonstration. I found the constant question format a little irritating, but it did allow you to share more of your experiences with Ansible, which was handy.

As Andrew says there was more than enough information to go away and set it up on your own. In fact I had a little Ansible playbook up and running later that evening.