An introduction to using mocks and stubs in your tests. We'll be using PHPUnit (although the concepts are applicable to other testing frameworks and languages).

This is suitable session if:
- you've written a few PHPUnit tests and are ready to learn about mocks and stubs (e.g. if you've attended one of the previous Bristol PHP Training sessions) .
- or you're a bit rusty on these concepts and want a refresher.

This won't be suitable if:
- you've never written a test before.
- you're already happy with the concepts of mocks and stubs and already write tests that use them.

You'll need:

- a laptop with PHP, PHPUnit and an IDE for working through the examples.

As before space are limited to 6-8 attendees.


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MR B J TOVEE at 21:08 on 21 Feb 2018

I found the workshop really informative. The examples/challenges in github and live coding were particularly useful.