Full Throttle Refactoring


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This was initially a very amusing talk - mainly because I think all developers could relate to some of the horror stories that Thorsten recalled. However, I think maybe the talk should contain more examples - but not generic "refactoring" examples - I have seen those over and over, I would like to see some real world examples of refactoring & real numbers on performance improvements and so on! Also a little too much looking at the slides perhaps? :)

I liked the start - it was fun. On the other hand I didn't enjoy the second half of the speech that much. From how it started I expected a "grande finale" ... but it didn't come. You were walking really in depth about how bad your code was but when you were talking about the refactoring itself you skipped a lot of details. Next time you should focus more on the subject and less on the good jokes (they were really good btw :D).

Anonymous at 11:38 on 21 Sep 2014

Started like fun presentation but ended without any result, it was easy to show the bad (funny) part but there was no clarity at the end. How it helped, whether you were able to bring new features whilst trying to refactor, how you persuade management to throw full support for your project.