HippyVM - yet another attempt at PHP performance


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Except for the pace (but maybe it's a personal thing), I really enjoyed this talk.

Finally some clarity on the HippyVM project!

Also nice to have a honest opinion on performance and micro-benchmarks coming from a HippyVM developer!

Anonymous at 15:28 on 20 Sep 2014

I very much liked the very frank feedback on benchmarking issues and how optimising for benchmarks is a useless but necessary part of creating such a technology.

I like the technology, regret that it is not addressing yet Composer and Symfony. But I will keep track of the progress and I wish lots of success to the project.

The talk was interesting to learn about a lesser-known "competitor" in the PHP interpreting world, so much talk about HHVM and PHP 7 that it is good to see other options are out there.

The delivery was a little chaotic, but I think it mostly got the message across :)