Breaking Boundaries with FastCGI


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Nice talk - interesting and good exploration of PHP loading methods. Only thing I'd suggest is to talk a bit slower. On the plus side, very funny analogy you used, produced some great tweets ;)

Great talk, cool new ideas, much inspiring!

I prefer the fast talking pace btw., but lots of other people might not :)

One question - is the fast cgi server processing the requests in serial only? You mentioned som asynchronous processing too, haven't you also thought about multithreading (using pthreads extension)?


The PHP implementation of the protocol (the default) is asynchronous in receiving requests (it also supports FastCGI multiplexing). The extension implementation is not.

That said, it wouldn't be properly asynchronous without supporting response promises or a similar feature. At the moment, there's movement going on in the PHP-FIG group regarding PSR's on this topic - and I'm waiting to see the result of this before moving in this direction. The only other option would be to couple to React or Icicle :)

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