Bernard, the Tactician: Background processing using message queues and the command pattern


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Ronald Hristov at 15:56 on 9 Oct 2016

Good presentation, the code was hardly seeable when displayef on a dark background (slides and editor)

James Mallison at 16:07 on 9 Oct 2016

The topic was good and there were some interesting slides on what a message broker is and does and what PubSub was. But after that intro and onto the main topic it went a little downhill.

I felt that the demo wasn't useful because it was just a large block of code with little explanation, sorry! The speaker could use being more enthusiastic about his topic, as he clearly knows a lot about it, by facing the audience more and not facing the side and screen with a laser pointer so much - the audience had disengaged and started chatting two thirds of the way throughout the talk as a result. Also the code was unreadable not due to lighting or background colour but because the font was small and grey instead of white.

Borislav Sabev at 21:38 on 9 Oct 2016

A very good talk on background processing, parallel execution and message queues.

Márk Sági-Kazár (Speaker) at 23:23 on 9 Oct 2016

Thanks for the feedback everyone, especially James for the detailed one. It helps me improve a lot.

I didn't like the presenter style. Very poor delivery, and I had a problem to keep attention. I liked the topic, and I expected a lot, but I do not remember anything from that talk