Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion in PHP


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Rated 5

Trayan Ivanov at 17:07 on 8 Oct 2016

Very good explanation of DI among many in web.. AOP was little hard to grasp but it's my skill level problem.. Talk was great!

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Nikola PoŇ°a at 19:04 on 8 Oct 2016

Well delivered talk, smooth performance, nice and concise content. Examples are practical enough, but I think there's a room for improvements.

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Radoslav Salov at 20:46 on 8 Oct 2016

Great presentation. It was very helpful for me...

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Ion Ghitun at 00:01 on 9 Oct 2016

I liked the way he explained DI, and the many ways you can do it!

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Paco Ruina at 13:42 on 9 Oct 2016

I've already know most of the things that James has explained, but this was (by far) the clearer and brighter talk I've attended about it... Congrats!!

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Borislav Sabev at 21:23 on 9 Oct 2016

Excellent talk on DI & DI :) - both tough topics to grasp for some people.

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Dimitur Ilkov at 21:42 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk, a loot a food for thought

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Ronald Hristov at 23:25 on 9 Oct 2016

Great in depth talk with just the right amount of puns and fun pics.

This talk was among the best talks at the conference. I liked content, it was very well delivered and we heard good explanations about some basic concepts followed by examples in PHP. Excellent!

Rated 5

Andrew Rota at 14:02 on 10 Oct 2016

Great introduction to DI and IoC. Really liked how James stepped through a basic example of how it could be implemented in code, and then went on to talk about how to use the full featured DI frameworks that are available for PHP.