Dockerize your unit tests for faster feedback


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Igor Djuric at 10:09 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk, thank you Michelangelo!

Nice show with really nice concepts I need to try in my project. High level, as always.

Mariusz Gil at 10:40 on 9 Oct 2016

It was interesting and useful talk for everyone. I really like your speaking style :)

Trayan Ivanov at 12:14 on 9 Oct 2016

Really good talk.. Thanks!

Ion Ghitun at 16:07 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk, helped me a lot, my tests are taking like few minutes to run, so it was good info, i`ll apply and check results

Borislav Sabev at 21:27 on 9 Oct 2016

A very nice insight on what you can achieve with deamonized Docker containers. Excellent presentation skills - the talk was owned by mr. Van Dam! Kudos to the presenter.

Nikola PoŇ°a at 21:40 on 9 Oct 2016

Amazing idea for improving performance of tests run. Very useful, practical, easy to follow presentation. Still there is plenty of room for improving/expanding talk's content, and author is aware of that.

Dimitur Ilkov at 21:43 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk with really great insight

Great talk, thanks !

Nice content and very powerful presentation.

Some of the Docker stuff still looks like voodoo magic to me. That aside, the presentation style and the passion radiating from the stage is a delight to watch.

Very useful presentation - one of the best at the conference.

Great presnentatiin, but cant download slides.