Practical PHP Deployment with Jenkins


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Trayan Ivanov at 12:48 on 8 Oct 2016

Nice talk.. Continuous integration scares me..

Gorjn Ilievski at 15:51 on 8 Oct 2016

Great practical talk!

James Titcumb at 16:12 on 8 Oct 2016

Well delivered, great content. Only minor nitpicks is the flow during "breaking" the app before deploying the 2nd time, but apart from that, really good talk, thank you.

Nikola PoŇ°a at 18:45 on 8 Oct 2016

One of the best CI, CD-related presentations I've attended. Very useful, practical resources and examples, as well as a live demo.

Boyan Yordanov at 09:05 on 9 Oct 2016

Jenkins has always been scary to me. However I really liked the plugins that were shown and consider trying to get over that fear. Great side tip was the php qa tools site.

Rodrigo Neves at 09:30 on 9 Oct 2016

I really liked the content and I was hoping you would go a bit deeper into either the pipeline setup (e.g. how you setup your docker containers) or the potential of Jenkins (e.g. what do all those plugins do after all and what else is there).

Really loved this talk & speakers way of presenting.

Grorgi Nikolov at 11:40 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk

Dimitur Ilkov at 21:36 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk, A lot of nice tips

Milan Popovic at 12:59 on 10 Oct 2016

Very well presented CD pipeline. Great introduction followed by examples.