The IoC Hydra


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Ion Ghitun at 00:02 on 9 Oct 2016

An interesting topic, but a little in a rush.

Paco Ruina at 11:14 on 9 Oct 2016

I'm into IoC myself, but this talk felt to me like a machine gun of concepts with no real penetration. Too much interesting info but just a scratch. Maybe it should be splitted into different talks...

Dimitur Ilkov at 21:36 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk, Really gave me a food for thought

I'm glad I came to this talk which is why I chose "worth hearing", however it was entirely theoretical. The slides were just bullet points with little-to-no code examples and was a little dry as a result. I think the AOP-side wasn't too well thought out as DI and AOP are not mutually exclusive.

I think some were lost in the Symfony parts because if you don't know the framework then everything else is a moot point - mentioning the kernel / event dispatcher etc. I think to resolve this the speaker merely needs to put an introductory slide for the big things he's mentioning even if people might already know it, which will help both newbies to the concept and allow more advanced devs to gloss over it as it's only a minute out.

I was hoping for a good anti-DI talk (I had my laptop ready to make notes for some quick retrofitting for my talk!!) but didn't really gain anything like the abstract promised.

Enjoyed the talk. Among the standard DI stuff I really liked real world examples from Symfony framework. I hope to see this talk once again next year in Kiev )