Opening Keynote


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Nikola Poša at 13:38 on 9 Nov 2019

A very nice and detailed overview of the hard work that the speaker did on its own and then with a group of like-minded friends and colleagues to fulfill his passion for organizing a great event as it is today Bulgaria PHP Conference. This very motivating talk is filled with amusing and strong metaphors that stem from real life, hobbies and non-work related interests. The presentation was prepared and delivered very well, opening talk ideal to the set the good vibrations for the rest of the day.

James Titcumb at 14:02 on 9 Nov 2019

Nice opening; very community focused, and a fitting opening keynote.

"Strong communities build champions!" - I am sooo stealing this one! Thank you for sharing your personal story, you have touched many with it. Very good fit for a soft talk.

Great keynote that set the mood for the conference overall.

Babarinde at 14:02 on 10 Nov 2019

Great talo

Paul M. Jones at 14:42 on 10 Nov 2019

Great opener for a great conference!

A wonderful beginning of #bgphp19

A wonderful story of how everything started. Excellent first impression from the conference. I really wanted to see Mihail doing the Balmer's ... thing :(. Keep up with the great work and really hope to see more of the same at Bulgaria PHP 2020. I wish you success with True.Beer

Great talk!

While I may be very biased because I was mentioned and my face and user group were in his slides, this was a fantastic beginning for the conference! It was obvious how excited and emotional Mihail was and it was certainly felt throughout the room. This however made the keynote even better. On top of that his delivery was great, his metaphors were on point and it almost got me to tear up a few times.

It’s amazing how much something that started with several people wanting to talk about the things they are passionate about can grow!

Emotional walk through the history

Milana Cap at 00:57 on 13 Nov 2019

Wonderful beginning of community gathering. Welcoming for new attendees and heartwarming recall for old friends meeting again. I enjoyed it very much.

Arnout Boks at 15:50 on 16 Nov 2019

Great keynote that set the tone for the rest of the conference. Nice personal touches and stories.