Imagine a world where the mobile development team is not constantly surprised by changing endpoints, where frontend developers don’t abuse your carefully crafted APIs and we don’t have to go back again and again to fix or change stuff. In this imaginary land we are able to leave the guesswork out by using API definitions to produce even better designs and automate parts of the process. Together we will explore OpenAPI as a standard way to describe APIs and see how it can help us get there.


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Milana Cap at 01:15 on 13 Nov 2019

As a developer I consumed a lot of good and bad APIs over the past years but must admit I haven't really thought about the process of creating and documenting it. This talk was full of new information for me with some interesting references to Star Wars.

Thank you Boyan, it was a pleasure to see this talk.

Even though I've been already using OpenAPI I found this talk to be very good with many practical advices and a good set tools to test! Both the content and the form were on a high level.