As PHP programmers we are used to waiting for network I/O, in general we may not even consider any other option. But why wait? Why not jump on board the Async bullet-train and experience life in the fast lane and give Go and NodeJS a run for the money. This talk will aim to make the audience aware of the benefits, opportunities, and pitfalls of asynchronous programming in PHP, and guide them through the native functionality, frameworks and PHP extensions though which it can be facilitated.


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Anna Filina at 09:23 on 10 Nov 2019

I appreciated that the examples increased in complexity at a pace that was easy to follow. I will definitely apply this knowledge in some of my projects. I loved the fact that some visuals were hand-drawn.

Would be a 5 if the presenter got informed about the existing PHP plugins for async

Good talk

The first half of the presentation was very good and it was easier to follow, while the second half - not so much. It went too fast over a lot of information, which caused a little bit of confusion. Sorry, it might be that I'm not that familiar with asynchronous libraries in PHP. However, I think that Dan was very well prepared for the topic, so I give this talk a rating of 4 stars.

Great talk! Good starting point to keep digging further.


Well prepared and with good delivery. The examples were clear and easy to understand.
I appreciated the drawings and diagrams which made it easier to digest all the concepts.