The announcement of HTTP/3 at the start of November 2018 may have come as a surprise for a lot of us.

Indeed, compared to the 18 years that separated HTTP/1.1 et HTTP/2, this announcement came only 4 years after the release of HTTP/2.

But the biggest surprise is under the hood, with a replacement of the transport layer.

In this talk, we will explain why this version 3 of the HTTP protocol has been designed, especially around the latency topic.

We will cover as well how technically this version works, and what it will bring to our applications, and what are the challenges that will need to be addressed, in order to fully benefit from this new version of the protocol that runs the Web.


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Jean-Bernard at 15:47 on 10 Nov 2019

Thanks a lot, very interesting and will be used fast :)

Really something to look for

Very good talk. It was full of content but it was kept on a level which anyone can understand. I learned a lot and I loved the metaphors - it help a lot to understand pretty complicated topics!