Closing Keynote


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Fun and inspirational. Thanks, Uncle Cal!

Vasil Vasilev at 19:36 on 10 Nov 2019

Bonkers! Absolutely amazing talk! Hope to see you again on the next PHPBG!

Amazing talk that is inspiring, it gave me the chills (in a good-vibe manner), seriously!

The talk was very inspirational and I learned a lot. Thanks, Cal!

I definitely did not see this coming, based on the joke the talk began with. Amazing and amusing talk, delivered with all the passion and charisma Cal can deliver. Thanks again for the great lessons and fun, Cal! You did it again - you rocked that stage!

Cal Evans knows how to make the crowd go wild :)

I've seen this talk once but it was every bit as impressive if not more this time around! I can only hope that one day I'll also be able to deliver a performance like this!

It's amazing how Cal has turned a very simple joke into a fun and engaging lesson about what it means to be a leader. Every word, every slide, every movement was thought out and enacted with absolute precision.

Definitely a suitable closing keynote for such a great event!