If you use Laravel, you’re taking advantage of a feature-filled, somewhat complex depedency injection container. In this presentation we’ll pull back the curtain on the magic behind the container’s auto-wiring, contextual binding, and other such features, stopping along the way to highlight upgrades that the package has gotten over succesive versions of Laravel since 5.5. If you aren’t a Laravel dev and need to dependency-inject your application, you might even come out of this presentation deciding that the Illuminate container is the best solution for your particular use case!


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Thanks Ian, I enjoyed the comprehensive description of the container. Would suggest to add to the presentation areas of enhancements to the implementation from your point of view.

Ian Littman (Speaker) at 18:13 on 10 Nov 2019

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely incorporate that; as I was looking through the codebase I saw a few definitely opportunities to improve.

Using Laravel for my personal projects, I already had some experience with the dependency injection container, but the depth and detail of this talk was amazing. I got to know literally all the mechanisms, possibilities and options that this tool provides. Thanks, Ian! Just one suggestion: I would appreciate some more syntax highlighting in the code samples, although I realize that this could be a problem with certain projectors, screens and light settings. Thanks!