Leading multiple development teams over the years, I found releases to be the most stressful part of the software development lifecycle. Many teams find it difficult to fix the release process, increase the quality of the software they develop and get their weekends free. I will prove them wrong.


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Trajche Nakov at 16:22 on 10 Nov 2019

Great talk, great delivery. A process to consider to ship software often and deliver it without stress.

The topic was not interesting. We already know what CI is

Nice overview of how you can use CI/CD concepts in legacy code that we often find untestable. It's always good to get reminded that it's ok to rely on small hacks and be practical rather than aiming to get everything perfect.

I'd liked to see more practical examples of the specific implementation in the code, but other than that great presentation!

Good talk. I would like more concrete examples on the different steps that were done during this transition from legacy to "continues everything" and maybe some info on what was hard and what failed

Nice overview of transforming an existing processes to a more manageable pipeline.
It would've being nice to give a few concrete examples and drop into a little more detail for things like feature flags.

However the core message is more important for me and it was definitely there!