In our work we tend to believe in Messiah. A messiah can be the new magic tool which will solve all our problems, or a shiny framework, so much better than everything we have used before, or even a person in our team. We all know the messiah in software testing. It’s the Unit Testing. But is the unit test the one and the only way to test a software? The answer is no. This talk will show you a new approach to software testing using a Recording HTTP Proxy and how it can help you achieve better quality of your software. Without proclaiming it as “The Great New Messiah”.


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For a first conference talk Viktor did a very good job! The information was great and well presented, the examples were well thought out.

My only complaint are the occasional switches from dark to white slides which wasn't that great in a darker room like we had, but that's easy to fix for next time. And I liked how at some point he turned it into a joke which worked really well for me. Great improvisation there!