WordPress has several APIs available to programmer but none more important than the REST API. The REST API opens up WordPress to be controlled by - and interact with - other applications. Like pouring gasoline on an open fire, the possible uses and the usefulness of WordPress as an application foundation just explode.

Using the WordPress REST API is not difficult once you understand the basics. In this whirlwind tour, we will touch on those basics. You will learn what you need to know to setup secure access to your API and use it to both retrieve and store information in WordPress.


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Although there was a bit of a problem with connecting Cal's laptop and lecture was a bit late, Cal Evans delivered.

Short and sweet! Cal managed to explain what the WordPress REST API is all about while injecting general tips about APIs and how to work with them.
The technical difficulties we had didn't startle him one bit and he even turned them into jokes.

Milana Cap at 17:38 on 18 Nov 2019

Short and to the point with a real life example.

Thank you Cal.