Remember the famous “5 minutes installation” process for installing WordPress? Let’s see how much time will installation from terminal take. Even better, let’s see what WP CLI can do in 5 minutes. And all that can happen in terminal in 40 minutes.

This is not your usual presentation talk. This is a live terminal commanding where fatal errors are expected; planned even. Building a WordPress website, or few, without doing anything in code editor nor dashboard. Join me in this dangerous overview of WordPress command line tool, also known as WP CLI.


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Live coding at the conference without making a single error...

I was already familiar with wp-cli but still learned quite a few things.
And 30+ minutes of live coding and demoing things is seriously impressive!
I also liked how she sprinkled a lot of different tips about WordPress, servers, linux etc. while showing something else.

Arnout Boks at 16:13 on 16 Nov 2019

Great talk, amazing stage presence, and an impressive level of live coding. Even as someone who does not use WordPress on a regular basis, I found this a useful talk; it surely showed me what WordPress is capable of nowadays.