Design Thinking
Do you want to find a way through innovation? Design Thinking is the way that is used by the most innovative companies nowadays. Whatever your occupation is, design thinking is your team’s wonderful tool to be more creative. Design Thinking stresses the importance of cultivating empathy for end users, interpreting and framing problems they experience, creative solution generation, and continuous prototyping and testing.

On this workshop, you’ll develop an understanding about the philosophy of Design Thinking. You will learn and practice about the process as well as methods and some tools to analyze user needs, generating ideas and prototyping. You will also get the chance to apply these methods as groups by solving a challenge during the workshop. You will explore how human-centered design can help develop innovative solutions for the complex challenges you face.

Participants do not need to have any background with design.


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Anton Sankov at 19:25 on 16 Apr 2018

Learned a lot about Design Thinking in just an hour and a half! Merve was really prepared with slides and practical tasks, so all the participant got their "hands dirty".