Thought hacking was hard? It’s not, it’s easy and I’m going to show you how! In this episode of CSI Sofia we’ll investigate a series of hacking stories and break them down step-by-step to see exactly how they did it. By the end you’ll walk away a little bit more scared and a lot more prepared with some great practices you can apply immediately to your own applications.


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Great talk!

He started with some very basic examples but then just blew my mind. I really liked the usage of photos in the slides.
There were some code/terminal examples (screenshots and a video I think) that were really tiny and almost impossible to read, but he explained well what was going on.

Asim provided interesting details of how simple vulnerabilities can be chained in a much bigger and dangerous attack. He succeeded in provoking audience awareness to web app security. If real time examples or demos was provided, it could have been even better.

The talk was very engaging, but the "Node" in the title is misleading ;)

It was really fun talk. The speaker engaged the audiance.

Even better than I expected (considering Microsoft is not my favorite company). Title is "How to hack a node app?" but only last 10 minutes were about Node, maybe there should have been more time allocated for hacking node.