This workshop will give you better understanding of how WebAssembly works in reality. We are going to talk about the Web and how WebAssembly is involved. We will focus on loading WebAssembly with JavaScript, communication between WebAssembly and JavaScript, security, performance, memory management. As WebAssembly is a compilation target, we will use C / C++ as a source. You don't need to have any prior experience in C or C++, though it would be useful. Knowledge in C# or Java would help as well. We are going to explore the compilation process in-depth using Emscripten and its API. At the end of the workshop you will have broader knowledge of how WebAssembly works, you will be able to compile to WebAssembly and load wasm modules in your web app.

Prerequisites: Your own laptop with Emscripten installed as described on the official site


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Good workshop, I didn't believe C/C++ could be used in browser, Boyan proved me wrong.