Code quality / style / standards
Error detection
Sharing know-how with the team
Vulnerability exposure
Iterations and passes
Review vs running the code
Goals, checklists and metrics
Code review tools


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Code reviews are often underestimated as key factor for code quality. Ilko made some great comparison with "my code" and "my house". I can only hope more teams will addopt his ideas and best practices in the filed.

Huge disappointment. Excuse me, but this talk was boring and tedious. At least 50% of the public left the room during the lecture and I was really unamused by the lack of real-life stories supporting the advantage of code reviews.

This talk was on my top 3 list for the conference, but probably the word "Practical" set wrong expectations. The theory was dominant (like text to speech from Wikipedia) and the lecture reminded me of the university :/

My suggestions for improving:

1) Personal examples (epic fails/wins thanks to code reviews)
2) A pinch of expressiveness when giving the talk and interaction with the public

Nothing practical in this talk. I expected much more, who to improve our code review process. The talk was suitable only for people who are not doing code review at all to consider start doing it.