NativeScript has opened up a whole new world to Angular developers: the ability to share code directly between your web and native iOS/Android applications. Which is awesome! But, just because you can share code across multiple platforms, doesn’t mean that you necessarily should.
In this talk we’ll first take a look at what NativeScript makes possible from a code sharing perspective. We’ll build a few Angular components and use them both in the browser and on mobile devices. Then we’ll take a step back and look at the same code from a pragmatic, maintenance-oriented perspective. Come for practical tips & tricks on sharing code across multiple development environments.


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Sebastian went into details not only how to build a mobile app, but how to share and irganiee your code between mobile and web. Great code examples and workflows.

Great talk after great workshop on Friday, I almost have a full picture in my head now. Probably will have to do some POC project and do presentation in my company about NativeScript.

Petar Netev at 16:13 on 18 Apr 2018

Sebastian made the understanding of the code sharing process via native script easier for understanding with his demo and presentation.