Products may be or become complex for many reasons, and teams are often asked to make them "simpler and better." How do we identify when and why something is complex, and how can we make it simpler? We'll talk about methods to make products and experiences simpler, some of the considerations and decisions we may face when tackling complexity, and look at some examples of products that made themselves simpler without sacrificing features and functionality.


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The presentation was great! Can you please upload the slides? :)

Ilko Kacharov at 12:33 on 16 Apr 2018

Eye-opening talk about why things get complicated instead of having them just complex and adaptable.

It's a difficult and tricky topic, how to make it simple without oversimplify. Dave did a great job sharing his experience.

There’s no doubt that this was the best presentation I attended. Dave Hogue explained everything very clear.

Riste Sam at 11:30 on 18 Apr 2018

Best presentation attended! I would really like the presentation slides if possible. Thanks!