Although MongoDB is a non-relational database, it is still very important that you store your data in an optimal way. This presentation teaches you the basics of MongoDB and its data model, how to design your data schema according to your application's needs, and how to keep your data clean.

Designing for a modern non-relational database such as MongoDB requires a different mind set when designing your schema.

Besides schema design techniques, we'll also have a quick look at indexes, and way to find out why queries are potentially not as fast as they could be.


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Petar Netev at 16:20 on 18 Apr 2018

Absolutely fantastic presentation for storing data in MongoDB! To have a man like Derick ( i.e. core developer ) to talk you about the Mongo and give you so clear and nice examples is just fantastic. The worst thing here is that his time was just 45 minutes. It would be great if you have him talk about MongoDB for at least 2 hours!

It's always great to see someone so knowledgeable speak! I haven't really used MongoDB and now I know I never really understood it either. Derick somehow made the topic accessible even for someone like me and I was able to follow and understand pretty much everything.