As the applications we write tests against grow more complex we might stumble into testing errors stemming from asynchronous and time-dependent behaviour. This talk will characterize several roadblocks in testing which are affected by time. With an example Ember.js application, we will explore how Ember's rich testing API, newest JavaScript features and community libraries, will help us writing legible and reliable tests and how we can make those tests turn green even as time passes by.


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Very interesting topic. Unfortunately Jessica Jordan was speaking very quickly and I couldn't not follow every aspect.

EmberJS isn't the most popular framework in Bulgaria but as someone that actually works on an Ember app that is in production I was really pleased to see this talk in the schedule. Although it was mostly Ember focused there were also tips that are applicable to other frameworks and testing in JavaScript in general.

I have to agree that she does speak a little too fast, but for me personally it wasn't a huge problem.