We’ll take a jump into what Vue does, and what’s its special little features and on this path we’re going to explore what Vue can do for us on parts that are maybe not obvious. The reactive data system that’s running under the hood is often overlooked, but when used wisely enables users to do really impressive things on the way. Come with me on that journey and maybe Vue sparks your interest.

What this means is, we we'll walk through the progressive part of Vue and see how easy it is to get started and how complex it can become. From dropping it into the browser to leveraging webpack with Single File Components. Beyond that we will take a look at the reactive system that's in depth of Vue, why computed properties are so awesome and what we can build with Vue. We will build a rough patch of a State Managment Library (That will eventually be Vuex), components that fetch data automatically, and hopefully more.


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Great introduction to a not that popular JS framework. It could fit perfect between angular and react. A lot if examples and knowledge share by an expert in VueJS.

Petar Netev at 16:16 on 18 Apr 2018

The presentation was fine if you're totally unaware of such a libraries like Vue.js, but it was nothing special if you're already aware of react. However the lecturer did a good job.