JavaScript has become the de-facto programming language for the Web. It allows developers to build from traditional single-page applications to more specialized ones, for example, video and image manipulation. Although possible, applications like CAD, games, and video are hard and sometimes weird to write in JavaScript. Moreover, such applications often need to be rewritten from the scratch from other statically typed languages, as the code cannot be reused directly on the Web.
WebAssembly is a low-level binary format running the browser. It allows developers to create highly efficient applications, where performance is close to native. WebAssembly is a new compilation target for the Web, allowing us to compile from C/C++ and other statically typed languages. Furthermore, it creates a standardized base for reusing code between Web and native. In this talk we will examine WebAssembly and discuss how it is going to change the Web.


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The presentation was quite good.

That was a good presentation. I wanted to see what WebAssembly is and some practical examples and that's what I got. Worth the time.

Overal a good overview of what WebAssembly is and what it can do for you. And The Wheel Of WebAssembly is absolutely awesome.