Drupal 8: The Crash Course


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Very nice overview of Drupal 8. Good balance between theory and code examples. Looks like Drupal 8 will be much more enjoyable to work with, so will definitely look into it.

Anonymous at 10:55 on 28 Sep 2015

Thank you Larry for the great talk.
It's unfortunate that the crowd was not quite appropriate for this session. Most people at the conference were not interested in Drupal, and the others already knew about Drupal 8, and they went to hear the other track instead.

Your keynote on the previous day however was a great success, it was very inspiring and I'm sure that the full room enjoyed it as much as my friends and I did.
I'm looking forward for the recordings to be published.

Really good talk especially because I am not the Symfony/Drupal person and I like it a lot.