Going crazy with caching: Caching pages of logged in users


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I liked the talk! David showed different approaches to the problem and some tips.

Anonymous at 18:37 on 26 Sep 2015

The talk had good substance, but I felt it lacked a bit in terms of how it was delivered. I'm sure you will improve it the next iteration.

The topic is very interesting, and the content for it was just fine, but the talk itself felt kind of dry ... just doesn't grab your attention in any way other than yourself wanting to learn how Varnish works.
IMO, some (entertaining if possible) "fail" examples and perhaps a few charts displaying the benefits of it all would make for a huge improvement.

really helpful and straight to the point with solutions for the problem but it was delivered in a bit slow, monotonous way, easy to lose focus

While the subject is interesting and important and the content was clearly well prepared, the talk was just a little bit too dry for me.

good presentation , with lots of technical bits, but the talk was so monotonous

Thanks for all the feedback. Seems I really need to work on my style of presenting.